Welcome to the Hayden Island Virtual Tour

This “virtual tour” highlights the attractions around Hayden Island and the Columbia River. Some 25 different attractions are described on this website. Here is a Google Tour Map of our adventure. It works best on a desktop computer.

How it works
(1) Quick Response (QR) codes. The signs have QR codes (like barcodes) that your phone’s camera can scan for the appropriate URL. No typing. On iPhone 6 up, IOS 11 has a QR code reader built into the camera app. Point the camera at the QR code and click on the link. For Android devices, Google Lens now lets you scan a QR code on any Android phone without downloading a thing. Samsung has also leveragd Bixby Vision to allow you to simply point the camera at a QR code.

(2) Near Field Communications. Some postcards and posters also have NFC tags. They also eliminate typing in the URL. Your phone needs to physically touch the tag on the sign to link to this website. NFC is supported by many Android devices (but not all), while Apple’s NFC may work on iPhone 7 and above. NFC requires no external apps. Simply pressing your phone to the postcard should redirect you to this website.

Hayden Island and the surrounding region have much to offer.

Let’s check it out!

The Virtual Tour

1. The Interstate Bridge
2. The Sternwheelers
3. Geologic History
4. Jantzen Beach Amusement Park
5. Floating Homes
6. The Levees
7. Vanport Flood
8. Kenton and Bridgeport
9. Delta Park
10. The Expo Center
11. International Raceway
12. Ports of Portland & Vancouver
13. Liberty Ships
14. Fishing
15. Boating
16. Biking
17. Native Americans
18. Island Residents
19. Birds and Wildlife
20. Vancouver USA
21. Vancouver Waterfront
22. Attractions Down River
23. Vancouver to The Dalles
24. Dallesport to Richland
25. Links and Resources

Discover the people, places and things that make this area unique!